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Tips to Improve Your Website’s Ranking on Search Engines

You may be asking yourself why your site needs to rank high. In this day and age, customers carry out online research before ordering products and services. If your site appears in the first few links in search engines, then there is a higher likelihood that clients will open your site and ultimately order from you every so often.

That said, here are top tips on how to improve your search engine rankings.

  • Use Keywords in the Meta Title

You should include the keywords you’re targeting in the meta title or title tag of your webpages. Take your time to create catchy and good titles.

The meta title is the text you see at the top of the browser window. It is also what appears as a link in your search results.

Whenever someone carries out a search and the results are displayed, what they see listed is the title of your site. 

What Should You Do? Use the keywords you are targeting in the title tag of every webpage. Don’t just use the exact title for all the pages on your website; customize the titles for each webpage.

  • A Site’s Link Popularity

The more inbound links you have to your site, the better it is for your website. If there are many websites that link to you, Google and other search engines come to the conclusion that a lot of people find your content interesting or useful. This will make a particular webpage rank higher compared to a similar page with less or no inbound links.

However, you should put in mind that quantity isn’t everything. The relevance of the inbound links matters a lot.

What Should You Do? Your online marketing strategy should include link building. Ensure you’re focused on other relevant and high-quality websites.

  • Inbound Link Anchor Text

Simply put, this is how other sites that link to your webpages describe the link. The anchor text is the clickable and the visible text of a link. Google, for instance, looks at the anchor text that other sites use to link to you.

Additionally, when many websites link to your site, it shows search engines that your site is relevant and important and ought to be ranked highly in search engines. Do you want to know more about SEO marketing? A lot of valuable information I found in this article from My Emma

What Should You Do? If you use other sites to promote your site and content, then let them know your anchor text of choice when linking to your site.

Also, pick out an anchor text that helps your site rank better for the targeted keywords. An easy and fast way to get backlinks from other sites is to write a guest post on their site, then link back an appropriate post on your site.

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