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How The Smartphone Has Forever Changed College Life

Technology plays such a central role to so many aspects of our lives, both in positive and negative ways.  The smartphone has become the device of choice for the younger generation to access the internet, browse social media and even to spend their down time.  With online games, coursework help sites and the ability to chat with other students around the world, the smartphone has already forever changed college life.  Here are some examples.

Helping with studies

Can you image now trying to find out about a place, a person or even an event and not having Wikipedia to turn to?  Many of us use the site as a go-to resource for general fact-finding missions, solving conversational questions and settling debates.

For college students, online resources such as these are crucial in their studies.  While the place of the library will always be firm in college life, online resources such have enabled students to access information quickly, from a variety of sources and at any time of the day or night they require it.

New avenues for social life

College is a time for new experiences and for meeting new people but sometimes, what happens around the college doesn’t suit everyone.  The smartphone has opened new avenues for social lives that mean everyone can find something that they enjoy.  While many like the traditional meeting places, others share an online friendship with students around the world.

For some, this might mean playing online games and even here there is the widest variety available through the smartphone.  Online casinos are one example of an outlet for students to enjoy themselves, talk to others with shared interests and even gamble with some real money.

The online casino is also a way to meet people in real life – you share a passion for a particular game such as poker.  This leads to conversations around campus with other people that share that interest and the online game because a real-world connection.  It allows people to feel confident in their knowledge of an area, often a cause for nervousness among college kids.

Improving communications


The smartphone is a communications device and this means in a variety of ways.  It can mean messaging parents or using video calls to say hello.  It can involve talking to friends not at college on Facebook or exchanging pictures through Instagram.

It also allows better communications around campus, with important information being sent to students directly – this can also include important safety information, changes to studies and even special deals for students in surrounding businesses.  The college campus is more interconnected than ever before and the smartphone is the reason for this.


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