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Don’t Make These 5 Worst Dating Mistakes in University

In college at last! No more curfews, no more parents and their rules and finally you get to date those hotties you have always seen in movies. The great life comes beckoning.

This is what every freshman thinks before they get into college but once there, the awakening is rude to say the least. As much as there is a lot of fun going around, dating in college is like venturing into uncharted lands. You have to be careful about what you do if you’re going to get it right.

After all, you could just as easily become the laughing stock as soon as your first date. So, here are some five pointers I put together for you. You should evade them like a plague.

  1. Don’t rush things.

Considering you finally got to college, it is fair to say that you had waited for all that time to be able to grab yourself a college babe and disappear into the sunset. However, this is one of the greatest don’ts when it comes to college dating. The last thing you want is for everyone to think you’re a lustful freshman whose sole purpose of being in college is to date.

Equally, when you get your first girlfriend, you want to turn things down a notch. Try to make her believe that you are actually interested in her as a person and not her junk. Even the women that would be okay with going down the lovers’ lane on the first night wouldn’t mind waiting a little to put some sentimental meaning to that trip.

  1. Don’t advertise on social media.

Unlike in junior high when indicating you were in a relationship with someone only showed how proud you were of them, in college, this could earn you a first class ticket back to the singles club. You need to be mature and secretive with your relationship. Unless of course you’re the celebrity in the school. In which case every girl would want the world to know you are dating her. Otherwise, put a lid on everything.

  1. Don’t date two girls from the same dormitory block.

As tempting as this might sound, if you want some drama pretty fast in your young college life, then this is the father of mistakes that you should commit. There are quite a number of dorms around and if you feel you would like to date more than one girl, it is best to keep them as far apart as possible. Unless they are in on it which is rarely the case. Otherwise, if they find out you tried to play them, you will be in a lot of trouble.

  1. Don’t sleep in her room if you’re seriously trashed.

If you go to a party, you shouldn’t even be around her to begin with. There is a lot of ways that booze can mess up your life and going to sleep at her place could expose you to the worst of them. Imagine waking up and finding that you pissed in her bed, or worse yet, puked on her and even yourself. You would rather go through all these experience in your room. If you do them in her room, the whole school will be preview of this information by morning. Something that is not going to go very well for you.

  1. Don’t talk about your exes.

The only reason this appears last is because you will only be able to use after your first date. No one wants to hear about your ex much less be compared to them. Even if she asks, try to keep the flow of information under the wraps as much as possible. Let her know she is at the top of the food chain even if she is not. The moment you open your mouth about how great your ex was, you plant seeds of doubt in her and if you did not know, your eviction has started.

Dating in college can be tricky. There are so many variants that you have to keep in mind not to mention it is where people get to know who they really are. Because of this, if you want to be successful at dating here, you have to make sure you are not the jokester of the school by avoiding these five mistakes.


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