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Top 4 Singapore Museums to Visit

There are tons of other amazing places to visit in Singapore than its popular tourist attractions and shopping centers. This modern city has a lot to offer to visitors of all ages. You will never get bored once you decide to spend your vacation here with your family or friends. And the good news is, unlike other countries where you may need a Chinese Russian or Saudi visa to enter, most countries have a tourist visa waiver program with Singapore.

All art lovers can also enjoy exploring Singapore, for this country has awe-inspiring galleries and museums that are surely worth your time. The culture and arts scene is extremely diverse, making all people from across the globe get surprised as well as inspired when setting foot here. A wide range of art gallery openings, festivals, and concerts also happen in Singapore each year, so plan your travelstart ahead.

Here are some of the top museums and galleries that you should not miss when you are in this vibrant city:

Peranakan Museum

Representing the culture of the Peranakan community in Southeast Asia, the Peranakan Museum offers extensive collections of art objects. This astonishing museum provides informative and enjoyable experience for everyone as well as the finest art pieces that all can appreciate. In addition, it was formed in 1912 at the former Tao Nan Chinese School. It comprises three floors of distinctive arts and cultural traditions of the Peranakans.

Asian Civilizations Museum

If you are looking for a one-stop cultural shop, then Asian Civilizations Museum is the ideal one to go to. It is situated in the heart of downtown Singapore, which boasts 11 galleries exhibiting more than 1,300 stunning artefacts from West Asia, China, and Southeast Asia. While wandering through this museum, you will find various relics, including Chinese ceramics, religious sculptures, and ornate furniture. Moreover, its main objective is to promote awareness about the culture of Singapore’s multi-ethnic society.

National Museum of Singapore

Known as the oldest and largest museum in Singapore, the National Museum of Singapore presents cutting-edge ways of showcasing the culture and history of the nation. This museum houses four creative galleries, a 2,800-square meter Singapore History gallery, and a lot of collective installations. It has been an architectural and cultural landmark that hosts events and festivals yearly.

Singapore Art Museum

A contemporary museum that focuses mainly on art practices in Asia, Singapore Art Museum is the first-ever art museum in Singapore that was opened in 1996. In fact, it is home to one of the world’s most vital public collections of Southeast Asian modern art pieces. Additionally, it collaborates with global contemporary art museums to create exhibitions and exposes collections internationally.

On the whole, Singapore is one of the ideal travel destinations in the world. With its diversity and innovativeness, one will absolutely have an ultimate city experience. Thus, ensure to make time to visit these fascinating galleries and museums mentioned above while exploring the entire city. There will be no dull moments when you set foot in this interesting country and your stay here will be one for the books.


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