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Let’s Talk Shoes…Teeny Tiny Shoes

We are all looking for a little more direction in the way of life. From dating advice to fashion, I try to inspire you all with a one-stop shop to help simplify your life. Even if that’s only one pair of kids shoes at a time. I’m not talking about the strappy heels you want to rock for your girls night out or the loafers you found for your next boat expedition to help catch more fish.  Think smaller, Much smaller.

Chubby toes and bare feet are a normal vision of summer. Watching a little one stumble and fall while running along the beach or listening to the pitter patter of rambunctious boys feet as they scurry in the kitchen looking for food, is one of the highlights of every parent’s journey. Comfortable shoes are an important part of a child’s day. They need to be just as tough and durable as they are.

Let’s not argue about the significance of a baby’s or a toddler’s bare feet. Giving them the opportunity to toddle around without shoes allows for monumental development of the foot’s arch, muscle, and sensory recognition. Bones don’t fully develop until the age of five and still, the foot will continue to grow well into their teenage years. It’s important for those special occasions or not-so-clean places to have shoes to aid in your child’s curiosity for life.

Finding the perfect fit and style for your needs can be somewhat daunting but shoes are a significant part of a child’s development when walking and engaging in daily activities. The footwear protects the wobbly toddler from weather and also provides balance when walking on different terrain.

Soft shoes like the crib Lacoste is an excellent choice for those newly beginner walkers to develop muscle strength. Children receive sensitive sensory material from the soles of their feet and they need to be protected as much as possible. As a toddler begins to walk with confidence they should switch to a fimer soled shoe such as the iwalk-Boston by Bobox. Which can encourage exploration and walking a little quicker with a harder soled shoe.

Shoes, while flashy and fun, play an everyday role in your child’s life. Make sure you find the perfect fit. should be less than a thumb at the top of the shoe, this allows the foot to grow properly.

Happy Shopping.

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